Itasca Progressive Caucus' Committee Against Corporate Power

This committee has the primary goal of educating our fellow citizens, and do

what is necessary, by means of legally exercising Our Constitutional Rights,

to eliminate the corporation’s status of “personhood.”

An American Manifesto

The Rights Project Committee, a sub-group, wrote this 10 page document beginning with "We live in perilous times. Climate change is seriously disrupting ecosystems; species extinction is occurring at an alarming rate; fracking is polluting aquifers; pesticides are killing bees and other pollinators needed for agriculture; and soils, water, and air are all seriously polluted. Corporate agri-business is destroying small family farms, and the cost of corporate pollution is being subsidized by the taxpayers.... Continue Reading 

American Manifesto Appendix (pdf)


American Manifesto Reading List in alphabetical order (pdf)


American Manifesto Reading List in categories (pdf)


American Manifesto in video:

We endorse Move To Amend: