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category: Health and Human Services

   Resolution Support MN Health Care Plan & Medicare For All

   Read the MN Health Care Plan.  Watch interviews about the plan.

 category: Civil, Human & Constitutional Rights

Resolution Redefining Constitutional Free Zone

Read our WHEREAS and BE IT RESOLVED for this resolution

Learn more about The Constitution in the 100-Mile Border Zone (off site)

category: Energy

Resolution Direct MN Board of Investment to divest from fossil fuel industries.

Learn more about the effectiveness of divestment as a tool for change (off site), and SIGN Minnesota PETITION HERE

category: Government Accountability To The Public

Resolution Upon election to public office, Officials of the Democratic Party will serve all constituents by working collaboratively with all other elected officials irregardless of Party affiliation and report such efforts to the electorate at large in a coherent and accurate manner.

category: Civil, Human & Constitutional Rights

Resolution Minnesota joins the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact to to guarantee the President wins by popular votes.

Learn more HERE.

category: Natural Resources and the Environment

Resolution Support Minnesota's Green New Deal.

See the Bill: HF2836.

category: National Security & International Policy

Resolution  Withdraw immediately from Afghanistan 

category: Government Accountability to the Public

Resolution Establish an Independent Redistricting Commission to draw fair district boundaries after the 2020 Census and for all future redistricting. Learn more HERE. 

category: Natural Resources and the Environment

 Resolution Protect the Rainy River Headwaters with a ban on copper mining in that area.  Learn more HERE.

category: Transportation

Resolution  Complete a high-speed rail service between Duluth and Mpls.

Learn more HERE.

category: Civil, Human, & Constitutional Rights

Resolution  Amend the USA Constitution to state that only humans have constitutional rights, and money is not speech.  Learn more HERE.